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We are FosTech

Kyle Foster - CEO & Co-Owner

Kyle Foster was a Senior Software Engineer at Intuit Corporation before breaking away from corporate American and starting FosTech Solutions in 1998.   Initially, Kyle built customized operator call centers in Singapore.    After returning to the U.S. in 2004, Kyle created CERTSS;  FosTech's NFJP case management and reporting software product for WIA.   When WIOA began in 2016, Kyle took CERTSS and applied the WIOA regulations to it, creating Agency View-Point or AVP for NFJP.    With FosTech's proprietary PIRL reporting reconciliation and reporting process, where it is as easy as balancing a checkbook (note Intuit experiences), more than 40% of all NFJP grantees now use AVP as a central component of their NFJP case management and reporting.   
AVP has created error free PIRL files that the user simply uploads into DOL's WIPS reporting system and to our knowledge, no other software vendor can make that claim.  To make that happen, Kyle began holding web meetings the week after DOL announced WIOA.   These web meetings allowed Kyle to leverage the combined experiences of all the grantees using CERTSS, and the 12 new grantees that now use AVP to make the transition from CERTSS WIA to AVP WIOA seamlessly.   This allowed grantees to focus on adapting their processes instead of having to also try and create new software at the same time.   AVP is a cloud bases system that utilizes digital signatures, automated to-dos, item verification processes, and decentralized data entry.   While FosTech is always striving to expand and add more features, Kyle continues to focus on making sure current clients' needs are met first. 

Orn Foster - Customer Relations &  Co-owner

     Being an immigrant herself, Orn understands the challenges that your clientele face. Having eleven years of experience in the health industry, Orn has integrated herself into FosTech to ensure that we have a heart as well as brains. She is currently an aspiring and active life coach, bringing these skills to our digital environment keeps us all more human.  


Thomas Foster- Junior programmer and tech support

Thomas is a junior software developer for Fostech Solutions, who is finishing his bachelors in computer science at the University of Texas at Dallas. As a junior developer he hopes to bring fresh ideas to the team and apply the skills he is learning to help continue improving upon AVP and develop it further.

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