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Why AVP?

  • Above all else, here at FosTech, we believe that our success is based on the success of our clients. Therefore, we will do all that we can to ensure your case management is done right every time.

  • The original program, CERTSS, was created in 2004 by FosTech for the sole purpose of helping manage the NFJP grant process. AVP is the next step, created for the same purpose and by the same hands, but this time for the new WIOA.

  • We streamline and organize the process of moving a participant through getting the aid they need.

  • We are proud that 17 agencies trust AVP to manage 22 NFJP grants across the United States.  This makes AVP the most widely used NFJP Software on the market. Every customer we help, allows us to devote more resources into further perfecting AVP!



  • We are now in beta with our HEP Module



  • We are changing AVP, under the hood, to be 100% data driven which will make it completely dynamic.


  • We are now starting to include our Dynamic NPIs(National Performance Indicators) along with CSBG case management.  We have multiple agencies working with us to make the best CAP system on the market, and will be moving into the CAP market place later this year.



  • Once we release AVP CSBG, we will have achieved AVP Enterprise which allows agencies to manage multiple programs over multiple states through one user interface.  It will also allow for accurate reporting of both household and individual data indices or NPIs across your entire agency. 

  • After using AVP for a year, you will wonder how you ever managed your Program(s) without it.

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