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This Privacy Statement governs the following FosTech product(s):  Agency View-Point Remote App.  For descriptions of privacy practices specific to a given FosTech product, please refer to the same titled sections below.  In some scenarios, a product may create and store certain data, including hidden metadata, which remains within the document or on the local device buy is not sent to or collected by FosTech.  For example, your Agency View-Point Remote App the document importer may import a PDF or other file type that contains the name of the author, company, last saved date, and document editors.  For more information about this kind of data and about your options related to this data, please see the third party vendor that supplies the type of document you are importing for details.


FosTech collects many kinds of information to operate effectively and provide you the best products.  Some of this information you provide directly to us.  Some of it we get by observing how you interact with our products.  Some of it is available from other sources that we may combine with the data we collect.  FosTech uses the information we collect to operate, improve, and personalize the product(s) it offers.  We also may use the information to communicate with you, for example, to request feedback, to provide critical updates, and to inform you about your account and security updates.


When you use Agency View-Point Remote App, all information is local to the FosTech Cloud Services data center and is not transmitted back to FOSTECH for any analysis or usage.




Except as described in this Privacy Statement, we won’t disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent.  We may also disclose personal information, under circumstances described herein, including with FosTech partners, affiliates or vendors, when required by law or to respond to legal process; to combat fraud or protect our interest; or to protect lives.


Some Agency View-Point features use cookies and with Remote App it utilizes local text files maintained by the Agency View-Point engine.

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer by an internet server.  Cookies contain information that can later be read by an internet server in the domain that issues the cookie to you.  One of the main purposes of cookies is to save you time.  For example, a cookie used by Agency View-Point helps Agency View-Point remember previous custom setting by and individual login.  This simplifies the process of loading the settings again and providing you with relevant content.


DURING activation, product-key information is sent to FosTech.  In some cases, when you buy a product key online, FosTech collects product information, purchase information, language settings and computer information.


Some features of Agency View-Point might require an Agency View-Point account.  The Agency View-Point account service is a service that allows you to sign into Agency View-Point products, websites and services, as well as those of select FosTech partners.  When you create an Agency View-Point account, we ask for certain information.  When you sign into a product using your Agency View-Point account, we collect certain information to verify your identity, to protect you from malicious account usage, and to protect the efficiency and security of the Agency View-Point account service.  We also send certain information to the product you have signed into with your Agency View-Point account.  To view additional details about Agency View-Point accounts, including how to create and use an Agency View-Point account, how to edit account information, and how we collect and use information relating to a Agency View-Point account, please refer to the training material or request more information from


If you received promotional emails from us and would like to stop getting them in the future, you can do so by following the direction in that message.

These choices do not apply to the receipt of mandatory service communications that are considered part of certain FosTech services, which you may periodically receive unless you cancel the service.


FosTech Solutions Inc. reserves the rights to change and/or modify this Privacy Statement at any time without noticed to our clients.

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