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Now is the time!

We are 100% WIOA compliant and have consistent PIRL reporting with zero errors!


AVP by FosTech now manages:

  • NFJP Employment & Training

  • NFJP Related Assistance Housing

  • HEP - High School Equivalency Programs Case Management and Reporting

  • CSBG Food Box Programs

  • Multiple States and/or Multiple Regions

  • CSBG Case Management is Coming Soon!

  • Enterprise Fund Case Management which will allow you to completely track a client over the years through your agency.

Our Mission

  • To put in place a foundation that allows quick expansion in the future.

  • To have a system that:

    • Electronically and instantly determines applicant’s eligibility into Programs

    • Maintains workflows and verifies that all necessary data is gathered properly and timely.

    • Incorporates Digital Signatures and oversees signature order.

    • Generates tasks and alerts when items need to be accomplished and completed.

    • Allows multiple Programs to be administered through a single user interface.

    • Generates DOL-PSS reports and incorporated a reconciliation process.

    • Streamlines the submission process with Edit Check error free results time after time.

    • Vastly decreases the time from funding through providing services.

    • Is configurable at all levels of the organization.

    • Can be modified at users request.

  • To embrace the reputation of FosTech Solutions and allow us to streamline your case management, eligibility determination, program administration and reporting needs.

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